House members address diversity commission’s findings

House members address diversity commission’s findings

Student House of Representatives members voted unanimously Tuesday to adopt a resolution to make diversity a priority for the Student Government Association next semester.

"I think we should formally agree that this is something we should follow up on," Student Body President Joshua Simpson said.

Simpson said SGA has not formally acknowledged the diversity commission’s findings, detailed in the commission’s 26-page report on diversity.

According to the legislation, "The findings of the commission will be recognized as a priority of the House of Student Representatives through the attention and consideration of all its members.”

Pearce Edwards, diversity commission chairman, said this resolution recognizes that SGA needs to do something about diversity on campus. It also acknowledged that SGA has the power to make a change.

“I think SGA has the expertise to translate this in the most effective way possible,” Edwards said.

Among the recommendations by the commission, Edwards listed two initiatives that SGA should consider: an inclusiveness and representation campaign and a diversity summit.

“These are broad concepts and we are encouraging SGA to enact these however they want to,” Edwards said.

House members expressed their support for the resolution.

"I think that's important for us, as a student government, to have some direction," Thomas Kober, College of Fine Arts representative, said.

As the semester is coming to a close, Simpson and other House members said this resolution will encourage SGA members to make diversity an important issue next semester.

“This definitely needs to be something in SGA's vision as we go forward," Jeffrey Chatman, Class of 2014 representative, said.