City of Fort Worth to deploy cannons to curb bird nesting

In an effort to curb migratory bird nesting, the City of Fort Worth will be deploying propane cannons near the TCU campus for several days, according to a press release from the university's department of communications. 

The release warns that the cannons are very loud and may sound like gunfire.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Cathy Cavins-Tull sent an e-mail Tuesday evening saying she is "aware that we are all more sensitive to startling sounds," and did not want students to misunderstand the noise. She noted that the explosions will occur once per minute during the course of the hour. 

The release said the program could continue over the course of several days, depending on how long it takes for the birds to vacate. 

Texas is a major route for migratory birds shuttling between the U.S. and Canada, according to the City of Fort Worth website. These birds bring challenges such as noise, odor and significant amounts of excrement covering streets, sidewalks, cars and mailboxes on public and private property.

The website states that the use of propane cannons is a proactive measure to prevent the birds from nesting and causing destruction to area residents.

This story was updated on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 10:27 a.m.