Student Government Association closes 99th session, swears in new members


As Student Government Association members closed their last meeting Tuesday evening, the former Student Body Officers gave SGA members advice for next year, the 100th session of the House of Student Representatives.

In addition, Speaker of the House Luke Harville swore in the new Student Body Officers and House of Student Representatives members.

"To the 100th session of House: you are going to do incredible things,” Harville said.

Former Vice President for External Affairs Graham McMillan said newly elected Student Body President Cody Westphal would do great things for House.

"You should be so thankful, and so stoked for Cody,” McMillan said. “Cody, congratulations. I'm so proud of you."

Former Student Body President Josh Simpson reminded House members to continue working on issues that were a focus in the 99th session: student outreach and diversity.

"These issues of student voice and diversity have not gone away,” Simpson said. “We are just beginning to address them."

Simpson also encouraged House members to continue to think about SGA’s values.

"I hope that you take those values with you into the next session," he said.

Other items from Tuesday’s meeting…

• House members passed a bill to give $4,000 to implement printers in Moncrief and Waits Hall.

• House members elected the Speaker of the House, and the committee chairs.

– Speaker of the House: Ryan Tiglas

– Academic Affairs Committee chairman: Matt Spangler

– Dining Services Committee chairwoman: Tori Bertschy

– Elections and Regulations Committee chairwoman: Emily Rodenbach

– Finance Committee chairman: Jeffrey Chatman

– Student Experience Committee chairman: Nick Daigle

Student Outreach Committee chairwoman: Jessica Russell