New student retreat scheduled for January 2014

New student retreat scheduled for January 2014

With a variety of options for sophomores to get the most out of their TCU experience, Student Development Services has added another with their latest retreat, Sophomore Getaway.

Sophomore Getaway is a newly designed, sophomore-only retreat that will take place from January 9-11, 2014. The retreat is scheduled to take place at The Retreat at Balcones Springs in Marble Falls, Texas, about a three hour drive from Fort Worth, according to Google Maps.

“It's a beautiful, relaxing space that will help students unplug from their busy lives and take some time to intentionally develop,” assistant director of transitions Keri Cyr wrote in an email.

Cyr works with the sophomore and junior experiences at TCU.

The retreat is coming off the success of programs strictly for first-year students such as Frog Camp and Frogs First.

“We find that the sophomore year is an important transitional point in college, leaving the very obvious goals of the first year of college, [such as] meeting people, [gaining] independence, [the feeling that] everything is new, and moving towards the to-do list of the junior and senior year, but in the middle of all of that,” Cyr wrote. 

A flier for the retreat was posted on the TCU Class of 2016 and TCU Student Development Services Facebook pages on April 24. Another announcement was sent to the entire student body through TCU Announce on May 12.

“We want students to discover some new things about themselves, connect with students and faculty/staff who can help them, and reflect on their experiences so far,” Cyr wrote.

Cyr added that the retreat will utilize methods such as small groups, interactive experiences, quiet reflection time and "TED-style" talks in order to make the retreat an engaging experience.

Many sophomores are excited about the retreat.

“I think the sophomore retreat is a good idea, especially if it’s anything like Frog Camp or other parts of the first year experience,” sophomore communication studies major Shaye Morrison said. “It allows us to have the opportunity to become closer as a class after choosing to take so many different paths freshman year.”

Another sophomore, biology major Ali Medders, thinks the retreat will give her a chance to meet some new people.

“I think a sophomore retreat is a great idea because there are still a lot of students in my class that I don’t know, and I love meeting people and making new friends,” Medders said.

Shontel Woodard, a sophomore early childhood education major, is a second-year student but a junior in credit hours and expressed concern about whether or not she could attend the retreat due to her academic standing.

Cyr said Woodard and students like her are "more than welcome" to apply for the program.

Online registration for the retreat begins in the fall. Students can sign up at the Student Development Services website when registration opens.