Rees-Jones Foundation donates $20 million to TCU Institute of Child Development

Rees-Jones Foundation donates $20 million to TCU Institute of Child Development

The Rees-Jones Foundation, a private foundation that works primarily with non-profit organizations in the North Texas area, made a $20 million donation to the TCU Institute of Child Development last month.

In addition to the construction of Rees-Jones Hall, Director of the Institute of Child Development Dr. Karyn Purvis said the donation will help take the pressure off of the Institute to sustain itself.

“[The donation] will ensure the programs and a core staff in perpetuity,” Dr. Karyn Purvis said. “It will ensure that there will always be resources for doing trainings and serving high risk children and their families.”

According to an article in TCU This Week, the Institute “conducts research, education, training and advocacy focused on children suffering from trauma-induced developmental issues that lead to social, behavioral and emotional problems.”

The article goes on to say that the Institute is responsible for a groundbreaking therapeutic model called Trust-Based Relational Intervention, which “has proven particularly effective with adoptive children and those in state or foster care.”

The Foundation was established in 2006 by Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones and looks to help children suffering physically, emotionally or spiritually.

“The Institute changes lives and, thanks to the generosity of The Rees-Jones Foundation and the continued leadership support from Jan and Trevor, this amazing work will no doubt continue to touch and restore many more families and children,” Chancellor Victor Boschini said last month.

According to the TCU This Week article, the Rees-Jones Foundation is also the principal funder of the TBRI Evaluation Study, a three-year, “proof-of-concept analysis to confirm the therapeutic model’s effectiveness in large-scale and institutional settings.”

“If you look at the goals of the institution, the family’s goals are really to impact the care of vulnerable children but primarily here inside of Texas,” Purvis said.

According to the Foundation’s website, “the vision of The Rees-Jones Foundation is that the love of Christ is experienced in tangible ways by those in our community who are disadvantaged or who are suffering spiritually, physically, or emotionally.”