Students unhappy with limited basketball space


With intramural volleyball going on, some TCU students have expressed their frustrations about the lack of basketball space in the rec’s gym.

“There aren’t any courts available,” said junior nursing major Brooks Mabry. “I feel as if every time I go, I never end up playing.”

Other students echoed Mabry’s frustration.

“I come here three times a week,” said sophomore mathematics major Daniel Castro. “Sometimes I end up leaving because the wait is too long.”

“It’s really inconvenient,” Castro said. “As a student, you’re always pressed for time. If I can only play for an hour but end up waiting a half hour, it’s fair that I should have some frustration.”

Associate Director of Campus Recreation Jay Iorizzo said he has not heard of any dissatisfaction with basketball space.

“This has been a tradition for us,” he said. “Every fall, we transition into having two indoor sports that go on at the same time – one being volleyball and one being soccer.”

Iorizzo said intramural soccer occupies the special events gym while intramural volleyball uses the recreational gym.

Despite denying any knowledge about student frustration, Iorizzo acknowledged that the activities “take [away] open recreation capabilities of general students.”

“It’s pretty frustrating when you see people waiting to play and also see other courts not even being used,” said senior communications studies major Eliezer Flores.

“Other people complain about it too, just the way intramurals is set up is a problem.,” Flores said. “I understand they want to get the intramurals done, but they have to understand that people want to play basketball, too.”

“We have a volleyball court, so it does frustrate me,” Mabry said. “If anything, build a new court. There are six courts, and only two can be used because one is volleyball and the rest are occupied by indoor soccer. My high school had better court availability.”

“It’s just poorly planned by the rec and inconvenient,” Mabry said. “Even when intramural sports aren’t being played, they don’t open the doors to the [special events] gym. Every time I go, I see at least 10 people waiting.”

Cameron Milam, an employee of the rec center, said the people who pay for intramurals get priority when it comes to court space. Milam acknowledged how that affects basketball players but said there isn’t anything that can be done at the moment.

Jay McNew, a sophomore music educate major and employee of the rec, said it is “kind of funny” to see people gather around one court while waiting their turn.

McNew said after indoor soccer and volleyball end, more indoor sports follow.

“The rec usually always has something after fall break,” McNew said. “It should continue like this the rest of the way.”