Foodies connect with local eateries through social media

By The 109

Posting food pictures on social media from local eateries has generated a following for one TCU senior.

Cowtown Cravings (@CowtownCravings) has attracted more than 2,000 followers and features a variety of Fort Worth restaurants, especially those in or near the 76109 ZIP code.

Jordan Jones became interested in Fort Worth’s food scene, specifically restaurants located in the 76109, during her sophomore year.

“I started following a lot of Fort Worth food blogs and made it a priority to try all of the restaurants I read about online,” Jones said. “I started taking pictures of the food at all of the new restaurants I was trying and decided I should post them somewhere so my friends could learn about new and unknown Fort Worth restaurants, too.”

Jones then created an Instagram account called Cowtown Cravings where she “posts everything from hole-in-the-wall taco stands to five-star restaurants,” she said. Posts feature beautiful photos of different dishes or drinks from local restaurants such as Fred’s Texas TCU, Tommy’s Hamburger Grill and Woodshed Smokehouse.

“I post pictures from other cities when home in Houston or on vacation, but other than that I find it important to post primarily Fort Worth food to keep my followers aware of new restaurants and dining experiences,” Jordan wrote in an email.

Although a large number of the postings were taken by Jones, many have also been sent via email by followers such as TCU finance major Jonathon Allen.

“Cowtown Cravings is a great way to see what Fort Worth restaurants have to offer,” he said. “Besides an Instagram filter, it’s the real deal− what comes out of the kitchen.”

A bartender working at Buffalo Bros, who asked to remain anonymous, said a good number of the restaurant’s customers, whether talking or taking photos, use mobile devices while there.

“They are at least on their cell phones five minutes during their meal,” the bartender said.

Social media has been a good tool, especially for small businesses, to connect with customers and get the word out about specials, as well as whatever makes them unique, he said. Having many subscribers on your channel or more followers on social media lets you influence and promote something you have experienced to a larger audience.

With all of the attention Cowtown Cravings has given local restaurants, one would think Jones receives some serious perks. However, she said the only benefits she has received, so far, has been the happiness she feels when friends ask her opinion on restaurants.

“Long-term, I hope to possibly expand the Cravings alias to other cities,” she said.