TCU Board of Trustees approves new residence for chancellors


In a memo released on behalf of TCU board of trustees Chairman Clarence Scharbauer III, the board announced its approval of the university’s acquisition of a new residence for TCU chancellors.

“For many years, the Board of Trustees has discussed the residence for TCU chancellors and the important role this home plays in the life and culture of TCU,” the memo stated. “I am pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees approved the acquisition of a new residence for TCU chancellors, an existing house that is close to TCU’s campus.”

Scharbauer wrote in an email that the chancellor’s current residence, located at 3861 Bellaire Circle in Fort Worth, has not been sold and won’t be sold until the new residence is ready to be occupied.

Scharbauer also wrote that the location of the new residence cannot be revealed due to a non-disclosure agreement, but it is much closer to TCU’s campus and it will allow TCU to better use it for events and other activities.

Scharbauer explained in the email that the decision to acquire the new residence revolved around the need for more space.

“It has been apparent for quite a while that the current residence for TCU Chancellors, which is a university facility, has space issues,” Scharbauer wrote in the email. “We really couldn’t host the types of larger events that TCU needs to host as a major university going forward.”

Scharbauer also explained in the email that the new residence will allow TCU to hold special events on a more personal level.

This university prides itself on making personal connections,” Scharbauer wrote. “The home will ensure that TCU Chancellors, current and future, have additional opportunities to build strong personal connections with alumni, students, faculty, staff and donors as well as potential donors for many generations to come.”

Scharbauer wrote that the new residence, which is currently under a contract, will be purchased entirely with donor funding.

Director of Strategic Communications Lisa Albert wrote in an email that the decision to acquire the residence was strictly a board initiative. 

Chancellor Victor Boschini said the location and additional space of the new residence will have a positive impact on TCU’s campus.

“I think the greatest thing about it is that it’s close to campus,” Boschini said. “It’s only three blocks off campus and this one has four acres of land around it. That’s what [the board was] going for was to have a big space where they could put up tents and have a lot of campus events.”