ROTC program focuses on leadership for life


TCU’s ROTC program is known for its tactical focus, but this year officers are ready to try out something different. Col. Casey Randall says this year’s curriculum for seniors is centered on developing leadership skills that undergrads can use far beyond their time at TCU.

“Over a four year period, we are going to restructure the whole Army ROTC program of instruction,” Randall said. “A focus on leadership development will better prepare seniors to be a lieutenant.”

But the seniors aren’t the only ones with new responsibilities. The program received a whole new rotation of cadre–the program’s group of officers–this semester. Operations Officer Paul Mackey said “This is the best set of cadre that we’ve had in a very long time.”

Juniors are also experiencing changes. They are now expected to train freshmen and sophomores in what enrollment officer Maj. Eddie Smith calls “the learning process.”

TCU ROTC is ready to move towards a “West Point model of instruction” and will use the “Thayer Method,” said Randall.

The program will educate students on battle analysis and the military decision making process.

“It’s a very interesting shift,” said Mackey, when asked about the program’s new focus on basic soldiering tasks.

It’s important for the program because “If you’re afraid to make mistakes, then you’re not going to learn from your mistakes,” he said.

Transitions are looking smooth by Smith’s account.

“I think this is going to be one of the best classes I have ever seen,” said Smith. “I want to see them prosper and be great and I think they are. They are going to take this program to another level and set higher standards for the following groups behind them.”