SGA breaks down the process of determining fall concert


Choosing a fall concert performer most students will enjoy is challenging. The executive cabinet takes all things into consideration when making this choice.

Student Government Association’s Executive Cabinet consists of the student body officers, the Speaker of the House, the Frog Aides director and the Chief of Staff. By using information from a survey to guide their decision, Cabinet members tried to pick a more inclusive artist this year, said Student Body President Cody Westphal.

“We have to keep it to a point where it is a representative democracy and we try to represent people the best we can,” Westphal said. “And the way we look to represent, is we did a small survey through ‘Table Talk’ and had 200-300 responses.”

Westphal said that some students have felt underrepresented because TCU has had country artists the past two years.

Ali Stowe, student activities coordinator and SGA advisor, said the survey results showed 30 percent of students wanting a country artist, 30 percent wanting a hip-hop artist, and 30 percent wanting a pop artist.

“This process was really difficult this year,” Stowe said. “I think country happened so often in the past because it is so much easier to book. They love playing outside—that goes with the country flow. I think when we went to a different genre, it complicated things.”

Westphal said that it’s impossible to directly poll every student.

“We would love to, that would be perfect, but we can’t or we wouldn’t get artists,” Westphal said. “They will not allow you to even speak of any name you’re going to bring unless you sign a contract and it is after a certain date.”

Planning a concert is a fairly unfamiliar concept to current Cabinet members because an anonymous source funded the past two through the Chancellor’s office. This is the first year since 2011 that it is SGA’s responsibility to fund and sponsor the event.

“The process of [planning a concert] is new to us, and it was definitely more difficult because none of us had ever done this before,” Westphal said.

Westphal said that planning the concert was a challenge, but every year the process will get better.

“Moving forward, the more we do it, the better we are going to get at it,” Westphal said. “We are never going to please everyone, but we are definitely going to improve.”

Westphal said he encourages the student body to get involved with elections and vote for cabinet members who will accurately represent their interests.

“I would encourage students to vote and campaign for Cabinet members that they trust,” Westphal. “You are trusting us to make a decision on your behalf because you understand that we simply cannot outsource it.”