Spencer and Marlene Hays honored at residence hall ribbon cutting


Spencer and Marlene Hays officially welcomed residents of Marlene Moss Hays Hall in front of students, faculty and board members at a ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication on Wednesday.

“It is a wonderful honor to have my name on this building,” Marlene Hays said. “When [the residents] remember their time at TCU they will see Hays Hall and smile, and that is a legacy that I will always treasure.”

Spencer Hays described his wife as independent, loyal, kind, and always by his side, especially during tough times.

“Without everything she did I would have never have gotten the TCU degree, and it belongs to her as much as it belongs to me,” he said. “Together we found the strength and the courage to have a great life and are so happy to share it with TCU.”

Cody Westphal, TCU student body president, said Hays Hall represents more than a building with “state-of-the-art amenities” to its residents.

“Whenever you are feeling down and alone you can just walk out of your door, take a couple paces, and run into a friendly face,” Westphal said. “[The Hayses are] giving TCU students a safe and comfortable home where they can focus on learning, growing, and becoming the person they will be for the rest of their lives”

As the newest addition for Housing and Residence Life, Hays Hall will allow the community in Worth Hills to “flourish,” said Jeff Alexander, Hays Hall and Brachman Hall director.

“I have witnessed the incredible community built in our residence halls, and I have seen the impact that the relationships built can have on one’s life,” Alexander said. “These buildings are not just concrete, plaster, and wood. They are not just rooms intertwined with study and hang out spaces—they are homes.”