25 Years of Screams


Darkness, clowns, chainsaws—come to horrifying life at world’s largest haunted house.

Cutting Edge, two-time Guinness World record winner, continues to thrive after 25 years of scaring.

The enormous haunted house offers multiple “sets” with themes that vary from a hospital, jungle, graveyard, maze, closet, and many others. Each room has different actors with different costumes to emphasize the environment.

It’s almost dream-like going from one nightmare to the next. Cutting Edge is well known for it’s various scenes but did a great job of using old-time classic scary movies, like Pyscho as a source for scaring the audience. Not with too much gore or illusions, but with scenes that let the imagination evolve.

With no real light in the dark maze, you rely on your senses and even though they are being terrorized with amplified music, mist, and foam.

The most effective rooms were the closet and the meat slinger rooms. The closet was a room with two racks of clothes that you walked between, while clowns and other creatures either grabbed you or popped out at you. The meat slinger room was designed to pay homage to the original buildings purpose of packing meat using the actual equipment that was used 100 years previously in the plant. One moment your holding on the your friend’s shoulder trying to guess what happens next, when out of no where an animals carcass comes flying at you from no where.

Cutting Edge does a great job making the maze seem never ending, but I wish there were more sets and more actors scaring attendees. Going on a weekday when most employees of Cutting Edge have other occupations was a bit upsetting as I expecting to be constantly screaming. I found my self less scared as there weren’t many actors popping out to scare me. However, Cutting Edge utilizes the darkness so effectively I was constantly tense with excitement. The darkness and the sets were definitely the best and do wonders to the imagination.

Cutting Edge is open Monday thru Sunday 8 p.m. to 10 a.m., with the exception of Halloween, from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. Cutting Edge is located at 1701 E. Lancaster Ave. Tickets are $29.95 plus a $3.50 service fee and tax. Parking is $10.