John Stossel covers enemies of freedom in lecture on campus


A walk in New York city isn’t usually associated with a death wish, but for John Stossel, his political views can sometimes make tensions rise. 

“I was in New York and somebody came up to me [and asked], ‘Are you John Stossel? I hope you die soon,’” Stossel said. “I’m trying to figure out, why do they hate me so much?”

The Fox Business show host spoke about his stance on popular controversial topics among other things during an event hosted by the activist group Young Americans for Freedom Wednesday night. 

“I think drugs should be legal. I think prostitution should be legal. I think gay marriage should be legal. I’m a lousy conservative. I’m a libertarian,” Stossel said.

The former ABC 20/20 co-anchor, and 19 time Emmy Award recipient also discussed the ideas in his book “No They Can’t: Why Government Fails but Individuals Succeed.”

Stossel covered a variety of topics in his lecture, mostly focusing on libertarian views on big government and the free market.

“Government does fail but individuals succeed all the time,” Stossel said. “When the government reduces our control over our own lives, we are less, [and] we become smaller. Big government cuts the tendrils of civil society and people helping each other.”

Leading up to the event, YAF president Jennifer Tomany encouraged students of all political views and even members of the surrounding Fort Worth community to attend.

“[Stossel] loves talking to students and to young people so I think a lot of people would enjoy listening to him speak,” Tomany said. “He’s a very entertaining speaker and he’s very blunt and honest.”

Stossel followed the lecture with a question and answer session and a meet and greet with audience members. Kathleen D’Urso, senior political science major and economics minor said she enjoyed Stossel’s talk, and learned a lot about libertarian views. 

“I’m not libertarian so I definitely learned a lot from him,” D’Urso said. “I don’t necessarily agree with [all of his] arguments but it was definitely a great way to hear another point of view, and that was the whole point of him coming.