SGA to replenish supplies in the library


The library’s store of school supplies should be restocked by the end of the month.

On Tuesday, the Student Government Association agreed to spend $189.95 for supplies and $200 on marketing to boost awareness about the program.

“We have run out of index cards, highlighters, pens, batteries, and rulers. SGA will give us these supplies soon though,” said Isuru Perera, an actuarial mathematics major and a student worker at the Mary Couts Burnett Library.

Perera said students may come to the information desk and get a variety of supplies (such as the ones listed, pencils, paper and more) at anytime as long as the items are in stock.

Kelly Shara, SGA’s student experience committee chair, said the plan is to boost awareness for the program and SGA’s involvement on campus.

“Our idea is to have those tall, skinny, portable posters next to the information desk that explain that school supplies are available and are provided by SGA,” Shara said.

Burton Cowles, Neeley School of Business representative, said he thinks adding the supplies is “low cost with high reward.”

“I think providing students with school supplies is something people like, and I’ve seen people use it,” Cowles said.

Ryan Sigman, senior strategic communication major, said the program is successful now because “only some students use the service.”

“I like what SGA is doing, but I hope people don’t count too much on this service in the future,” Sigman said. “If every student used this program, they would run out fast.”

Shara said SGA plans on moving the supplies expenses into the SGA budget to make them easier to replenish in the future.

“The supplies program has been a success for the past two semesters,” Shara said. “The program is not meant to substitute being prepared in the library, but to help those who need it every now and then.”