TCU police encourage students to be cautious at night


The TCU Police Department is encouraging students to be cautious at night, on and off campus, due to the higher number of sexual assaults and attempted abductions that occur during late hours.

Students have seen a slight increase of sexual assaults and abductions this semester compared to previous semesters, Sgt. Kelly Ham of the TCU Police Criminal Investigations Division said.

With the most recent scare of the off campus attempted abduction of a female student, the TCU Police Department is encouraging students to be more aware of their surroundings.

According to the TCU police daily crime log and fire report, the majority of assaults, theft and attempted abductions have been during nighttime hours.

One of the best ways to prevent abductions and assault is to travel in pairs or groups, Ham said.

“While on campus at night, use the buddy system. There is safety in numbers. If you find that you must go somewhere on campus by yourself, call the police department for an escort,” Ham said.

Though there has been an increase of assaults and abductions this semester, the numbers are still relatively small, Ham said.

Senior English major Hailey Lopez works at Buffalo Bros on University and said she tends to get off work at late hours.

“A large portion of students, like me, work late hours off campus, or are hitting up the entertainment, bars and restaurants around campus late at night,” Lopez said. “With all the recent crime alerts, more students need to be alert and never walk home alone.”