Senior Reorientation gives seniors an opportunity to reflect


Next semester, the Senior Reorientation program will give graduating seniors the opportunity to reflect upon their college career as they progress onto the next steps in their life.

“The idea behind this program is that many seniors need an opportunity to take some time and reflect on what has happened to them as they are getting ready to go through this really important transition,” Charles Dunning, director of the Senior Year Experience for Student Development Services, said.

The students who participate in the Senior Reorientation will go through five weekly 90 minute discussion sessions in small groups of 10, Dunning said. One or two staff members will facilitate the process of reflection and discussion.

“By the time students get done with they program they will be able to not only make some sense of not only their whole college experience and have a way of looking at it that is meaningful but also have a greater sense of what they need for their next steps in life,” Dunning said.

Students can sign up for the program through Orgsync or the Student Development Services website.

“We know not every senior is going to be interested in this program but what we would like to do is help those seniors that could really benefit from this and help us get this program started right,” Dunning said.

Not only are students allowed to nominate one another to participate in program but faculty members can also nominate students for the program.

Jason Helms, an assistant professor in TCU’s Department of English, was approached by a student to provide a nomination for the program.

“The hardest part in transitioning from university to the real world is the change of community,” Helms said. “You have the change of community that happens when you are going from a place where everyone is your age and where everyone has had a similar experience to a place where you are almost certainly the low person on the totem pole.”

In addition to the Senior Reorientation, the Senior Year Experience will also be providing students with the Last Lecture Series that will also be taking place in the spring.