Assistant director for student activities aims for maximum impact through campus events

Assistant director for student activities aims for maximum impact through campus events

While a large team of students and staff put together major campus events, one man in particular works throughout the year to organize and implement TCU traditions, from the fall concert to the annual Christmas tree lighting.

Brad Thompson, assistant director for student activities, sees these events as much more than simply things for students to do.

“We do programming because we believe that it impacts people’s lives,” Thompson said. “I want to have the most impact here with the students and with the entire campus community. My focus is how can we impact the most people in a positive way.”

Thompson began pursuing his interest in student activities when he attended TCU.

During his time as a student, he was involved in programming and student government. Thompson worked at a church in Fort Worth before returning to TCU as a staff member.

In addition to the fall concert and Christmas tree lighting, Thompson organizes theCrew, Hall Crew, theEnd and parts of Frogs First and Homecoming.



Working with students is Thompson’s favorite part of his job, he said.

“I love helping them be successful and developing them as people and as leaders. I mean, that’s the best part,” Thompson said. “The events are fun, but they’re stressful, and they happen and then they’re over. The lasting impact is really working with the students.”

Senior child development major Kelly Lee has worked closely with Thompson for the past two years through theCrew.

“Brad’s a great mentor,” Lee said. “He’s really allowed me to develop my skills and leadership and planning. He’s very supportive in anything we want to do. He allows us to try new things and helps us critique ourselves if there is something that goes wrong.”

Junior writing major Abigail Buckley has also worked with Thompson. She said his events have been very successful and that programs like theEnd are enjoyable for students who no longer live on campus.

Thompson does not only focus on major events, however. He also helps put on 10 to 20 events every week.

“You want to grow, and you want to try your best to do what he does, because that’s what he does,” Lee said. “He puts his whole heart into everything.”