Conquering cancer in college


Texas Christian University students Taylor Helland and Molly O’Neill didn’t think about cancer going into college. Like any college student, they saw vast opportunities and experiences before them, like making friends and receiving the education that would lead them to their lifelong careers.

Taylor, a first-year strategic communication major from Arlington, Texas, chose TCU to stay close to family and friends.

“I have a lot of friends that are still younger than me, so I just can’t even imagine leaving them,” Taylor said. “And TCU is just so beautiful and it’s perfect!”

Molly, a senior psychology major from Colorado Springs, Colo., is trying to soak up all the different experiences and events TCU has to offer, especially those that she can’t get anywhere else.

“We’ve been going to every show that TCU offers this semester because this isn’t gonna happen anymore when we leave, so we need to like make use of it right now,” Molly said.

Little did Molly or Taylor know that while in college they would be fighting for their lives; to beat the disease that was taking over their bodies.

They were both fighting cancer.

According to Teenage Cancer Trust, cancer is much more rare in young people between the ages of 15-24 years old. Less than one percent of all cancer cases affect this age group.

However, in the 15-24-year-old age group, more than 80 percent who do get cancer survive five years or more.

This is one part of ‘Cancer in College,’ a piece made for a multi-platform capstone class. Read the full story here.