Spanish department officially changes name of major and minor


The Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies has formally changed the named Spanish major and minor to Spanish and Hispanic Studies major and minor.

The name was changed to clear up “the misunderstanding of what is taught and learned in the department,” Dr. Kolma Aggor, department chair, said.

“Even students sometimes mistakenly think that all we aim for is linguistic proficiency,” Aggor said, “which is only a dimension of the broader intellectual experience we wish our students to gain as graduates.”

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Students will now feel like they are receiving a degree that conveys a greater intellectual background, Aggor said.

Max Turner, a student of the department, agrees that the new title reflects the different areas of study that go beyond speaking the language.

“I think it’s good because it shows that we are learning about the origins and culture of the language, as well as the language itself,” Turner said.

The name of the Spanish department officially changed to the Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies in 2009.

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However, the names Spanish major and Spanish minor were kept.

Administrative issues held the department back from making changes to the degree names until now. Beginning this semester, the department was able to successfully carry out the change to the major and minor.

“The department’s hope is to bring improved cultural knowledge to its curriculum, yet still keeping the requirements the same,” Aggor said. “The degree now reflects graduates with a combination of skills from all the different facets of the Spanish-speaking world.”