Shuttles provided for men’s basketball conference games


The men’s basketball team is hoping to leave no fans behind.

A shuttle courtesy of the athletics department began ferrying students to the Wilkerson-Greines Activity Center earlier this month. With the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum undergoing a $63 million renovation, students were quick to ask for a ride to see the Horned Frogs play off campus.

On Wednesday, students began waiting in line for a ride to the game against Kansas an hour before tip off.

Members of The Purple Haze, TCU’s student section, coordinate the 20-minute trip to Wilkerson-Greines.

“You bring the TCU community here, you put it on a bus, and just take it somewhere,” said Purple Haze president Katelyn Jennings.

Senior Evan Anglin, who attended the game against Texas, said the shuttles help build the TCU community and get everyone excited about the game.

The shuttles load an hour before the game. Assistant Director of Athletics Marketing Julie Austin said 50-60 students fit on each shuttle.

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“For the Texas game the first shuttle was full and the other shuttle stayed behind for stragglers, which was only 6-10 students on that one,” Austin said.

This season’s average attendance so far is 3,949 compared to last season’s attendance average of 4,955, according to

Jennings said it’s easy to find out who the true fans are, even if attendance is down.

“We’re using this year as a learning year,” Jennings said. “We’re not looking at the short-term, or just attendance this year. We’re looking at making traditions.”

Shuttles will depart at 1 p.m. from Brown-Lupton University Union for the Feb. 7 game against Oklahoma.