Career fair helps BNSF sophomores gain exposure to professional world


Burlington Northern Santa Fe Next Generation (BNSF Next Gen) sophomores were required to attend the TCU Career and Intern Expo on Wednesday evening in the University Recreation Center.

The career fair replaced the sophomores’ Wednesday night BNSF lab for the week.

They had the opportunity to choose from 131 different companies to connect with and put their strengths forward, which they have developed from their BNSF class.

Assistant professor Dr. William Becker helps sophomores develop and improve their strengths in his interpersonal skills course.

The course teaches BNSF sophomores how to lead in one-on-one relationships with each other and employers. Becker said it provides sophomores with the ability to communicate with businesses effectively.

“We really push students to see what they can do for the other person,” Becker said. “Even for an employer—that’s something that can be a really powerful tool if you tell them why you think you’d be great for that company and what you can do for them. I would hope that my students would be more inclined to adopt that we-us mentality.”

Becker said the effort BNSF sophomores are putting in toward job and internship searching will pay off in the future.

BNSF sophomore representative and entrepreneurial management major Taven Sparks agreed. He is is a leader among his fellow sophomore members.

Sparks said that even though they are the youngest age group in the club, attending the career fair was a good start to figuring out what they want from companies.

“Obviously I’m not going to get a job being a sophomore,” Sparks said. “It’s good to connect with other companies, get your face out there, and learn what’s out there. Even if you talk to fifteen companies and only establish a relationship with three of them, that can definitely help for as you get older.”

Sparks said he hopes the career fair provided his fellow sophomores with professional relationships, good practice for their junior and senior year and their foot in the door in the business world.