Broadway actress charms crowd in concert with students


At 7:30 p.m. Sunday, actress Susan Egan took to the stage and performed a collection of Disney and Broadway classics with 16 theatre students.

Egan was the first Belle on Broadway in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” and provided the voice of Megara in “Hercules.”

The Walsh Performing Arts Center had around 150 audience members present for the event Sunday evening.

TCU community members and people from around Fort Worth came to the performance.

High school student and aspiring actress Isabelle Malin attended the concert with 20 of her fellow community theatre members.

“We do musical theatre at ‘Ohlook Performing Arts Center’ in Grapevine,” Malin said. “And we love Meg!”

Other concert attendees included local supporters of the Trinity Shakespeare Festival.

“We are season ticket holders for Trinity Shakespeare Festival and got an email,” Kathy Parr said.

Parr said she was excited that students had the chance to perform with her.

TCU Department of Theatre Chair Harry Parker gave Egan high praise at his opening address for the concert.

“She is a master teacher,” Parker said. “She has an empathetic heart. She tells the truth and she know how to motivate students.”

Egan’s opening words filled the auditorium with laughter and smiles. She also gave audience members of glimpse into her personal life.

“We are doing what we call a family tour,” Egan said. “I’m out a week and I’m home three weeks. I’ve got a Girl Scout Troupe to run. We are in the middle of cookie season.”

After the performance, the lobby filled with audience members.

“I loved the story-telling,” alumna Mary Jane Alland said. “The students are wonderful and she was amazing.”

“What a gift for the kids to get to perform with her,” alumna Karen Parker said.

The students who performed with her said they cherished the experience.

“It was such an honor to be up there,” Caroline Carden said, senior musical theatre major. “It was the cherry on top of my senior year.”

Wyn Delano, also a senior musical theatre major, spoke of her talent and character.

“Susan is more than just a great performer, but a great person,” Delano said.

A soloist of the show, senior musical theatre major Kylie Arnold, said the experience brought back childhood memories.

“I had a full Meg costume when I was a kid,” Arnold said. “Getting to see someone you idolized so much growing up is just beyond words.”

After the concert, Egan shared about her experience with the students this week.

“The longer I am here, and the more often I come, the more in love I am,” Egan said. “You have beautiful students, beautiful leaders and all the talent is top notch.”