Students celebrate Lunar New Year


More than 100 students gathered in the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom Tuesday night for the Lunar New Year celebration.

Organized by Kappa Lambda Delta Sorority and Asian Student Association, students had the opportunity to experience traditional Asian cultures with a variety of food and traditional Chinese activities.

While snacking on a wide variety of Asian food for the celebration, including orange chicken, steamed and fried rice, fish balls, spring rolls and shrimp chips, students could participate in various traditional activities including tea tasting and making Chinese lanterns, origami and Chinese knots.

Students were treated with a traditional Vietnamese dance performed by three women from Kappa Lambda Delta wearing traditional dresses and Vietnamese hats.

Other performances included local lion dancers with performers in elaborate costumes dancing through the audience to the beat of a large drum and a belly dance performed to three songs of various beats and styles.

Meant to bring good luck, small red envelopes were handed out to various people at the end of the event containing either a voucher for a special snack or money.

Missy Williamson, sophomore psychology major, said she hopes TCU will continue holding events like this in the future, as it offers a type of diversity not often seen on campus.

“My favorite part of everything was definitely the performances. Just being able to see the cultures being incorporated into the dances was very interesting,” Williamson said.

“This event has been three years in the making,” Shea Santos, Kappa Lambda Delta director of recruitment and head of the celebration, said.

“Ever since I started going to this event my sophomore year, I’ve been picking up on things and we’ve been building on it,” Santos said.

Santos said that planning started last November and that a big challenge was trying to coordinate between two organizations, but being a part of both helped ease the amount of work necessary.

The event cost around $3,600, but both organizations were able to raise the money with the help of Housing and Residence Life, Student Government Association, International Student Services, Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services and the Asian Studies department, Nian Dim, Asian Student Association president, said.

The Asian Student Association will be hosting a “make your own boba (bubble tea)” night later in the spring. Kappa Lambda Delta will be working on plans for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month in April.