Chords for Kids surprises ‘sweeties’ to celebrate Valentine’s Day


Love songs, rather than lectures, were on order Thursday and Friday as Chords for Kids serenaded 74 people during its annual fundraiser.

This year’s requests ranged from “Firework” by Katy Perry to “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet.

“We love doing it, but it’s certainly exhausting,” said Michael Zeiser, a senior biochemistry major and president of Chords for Kids.

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Students had wide eyes when members of Chords for Kids would walk into the classroom, wondering if they were the next victims of a harmless little love song.

“As embarrassed as I was, it was nice to have the attention of the entire lecture hall, to be in the spotlight for those five minutes,” one student said.

TCU Songs for Your Sweetie - SC 9

Students paid four dollars to have a friend, significant other or even professor serenaded in the Songs for Your Sweetie event. This year the organization is donating 60 percent of its earnings to the Ronald McDonald House.

The student organization advertised throughout January and into early February. Students could put in an “order” that costs $4 for members to personally serenade a friend, significant other, or even a professor, according to an ad in TCU Announce.

“The biggest step was getting the word out there,” said Kendra Swett, a junior psychology major. “We posted on our Facebook event page and performed outside of Winton Scott to get people to do signups there.”

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This year, students were able to experience “Songs for Your Sweetie” even if they weren’t in the classroom with the members in green, by looking at students’ Snapchat – a photo messaging application – who were in the classroom with Chords for Kids.

“Well you know, if it’s not on Snapchat it didn’t happen,” said Kyle Farley, a sophomore film-TV-digital media major.

TCU Songs for Your Sweetie - SC 4

Chords for Kids is a volunteer organization that performs weekly at Kinderfrogs and other locations around Fort Worth for children in “unfortunate circumstances,” Zeiser said. This year the organization is donating 60 percent of their earnings to the Ronald McDonald House.

TCU Songs for Your Sweetie - SC 5

“We don’t need much to keep our organization running,” Zeiser said. “Donating to the Ronald McDonald House continues our focus of supporting kids.”

Chords for Kids meets every Monday at 8 p.m. in Ed Landreth 113. The organization encourages TCU students, including those who do not play instruments or have the best singing voices, to join.