Student body president is the first to serve two terms since 1966


Cody Westphal is currently serving his second term as student body president.

Westphal, a senior finance and economics double major, joined Frog Aides, a Student Government Association (SGA) student leadership program, and the House of Student Representatives as soon as he arrived at TCU. Westphal also joined SGA’s cabinet in 2012, serving as treasurer during his second year at TCU.

Westphal said he decided to run for president because of his unique background and new ideas.

“I talked to people who were close to me and they told me I should do it and it just so happens other [students] wanted me to do it too,” Westphal said.

Lydia Longoria, the SGA treasurer, said, “Cody was able to see two cabinets before he even became president. That has transferred well for our current cabinet.”

Matt Spangler, the SGA internal vice president, said that the cabinet has never been better this year. The cabinet has been working with Westphal on a new website and social programs such as “Not On My Campus” and “Empower TCU.”

Westphal is going into his final term in office and is not thinking about what legacy he is going to leave. However, he is focused on the present.

“I don’t care about having a legacy. You could put me up in the library and take away all my titles and office and I would still do this job,” Westphal said. “I just want the programs to make an impact and last.”

Senior Archivist Mary Saffell said that the last two-term president at TCU was John McDonald from 1964 to 1966.