Lot 5 construction facts and opinions


First-year students with cars have found their walk to campus a little longer these days because of the construction of TCU’s first parking garage. 

Late last year, first-year students were shifted to lots three and four, which are more remote. And they can’t cut through lot five to get to campus because of construction.

“It takes a lot of time out of my day to walk to my car,” said Chandler Hefter, a first-year elementary education major.

“I think it’s bad we can’t walk through the lot, we have to walk around it,” Hefter said.

Kate McAndrews, first-year speech-language pathology major, said that the change is somewhat annoying.

“Having the lot closed just means I have to add more time in my schedule, but it’s nothing that’s too bad,” McAndrews said.

Hefter said she feels uneasy about the walk from the lot to her dorm at night.

“It is very far and unsafe for someone who has to walk all by their self,” Hefter said.

TCU police recommend students take a shuttle or call Froggie Five-0 if they feel unsafe walking back to their residence hall.

The parking garage, which is scheduled to be completed before the first home football game, will be designated for students, visitors and football fans.

“Students will still have to leave during football games. The garage will be for game day parking only on these days,” said TCU Chief of Police Steve McGee.

“There will be 950 parking spaces in the garage, 600 spots will go to the student parking, which is the same as students had before construction began,” said Harold Leeman, associate director for major projects & facilities planning.

The garage will be six stories high. Leeman said it will blend in with TCU’s architecture.

“It’ll have the big columns like on the stadium as well as TCU brick,” Leeman said.

Leeman said that students will be able to swipe into the garage when it is open next semester.

“After spring break, you will see things going up vertically,” Leeman said.

McAndrews said she knows the benefits will outweigh the current construction in Lot 5.

“I feel like it will all be worth it in the end, because it will have a lot of spaces and perks,” she said.