Clothing vandalism in Clark Hall results in $1,800 worth of damage


A warrant for arrest is out for a student in Clark Hall after the student vandalized clothing and caused $1,800 worth of damage in the laundry room beginning on Feb. 5.

TCU Police Sergeant Kelly Ham said the suspect went into the laundry room multiple times for more than a week and cut up student laundry in inappropriate places.

Ham said several students reported having their clothes vandalized during the week. Ham said the students would come down after doing their laundry to see it with holes or in shreds.

“The suspect cut holes in the crotch areas of men’s clothing and the breast area of women’s clothing,” Ham said.

He said that on top of cutting holes in inappropriate areas, the suspect also ripped and completely destroyed some clothing.

“Later on in the week, some clothes were getting cut up without any pattern; they were just being destroyed,” Ham said.

Ham said the student has been identified and that a warrant for his or her arrest has been filed with the District Attorney.

“Detective Vicki Lawson was able to come up with a suspect with the help of the Physical Plant and the Information Technology department,” Ham said. “The suspect is working with Detective Lawson to turn his or herself in.”

The TCU Police Daily Crime and Fire Log showed the “criminal mischief, which is another word for vandalism or destruction,” continued until Feb. 14.

Ham said more details will be added once he releases the name of the suspect.

“It was a strange one, to say the least,” Ham said.