Sorority bakes muffins to show gratitude to professors

Sorority bakes muffins to show gratitude to professors

The women of Alpha Chi Omega said they wanted to do something different this year to show appreciation for professors who positively impacted them.

The sorority held its first Muffin Monday, naming a professor from each college “Professor of the Year.” They also delivered each one a basket of muffins.

Shelly Laroche, vice president of intellectual programming for the sorority, was the brains behind the new event.

“The whole point of Muffin Monday was for professors to know they’re doing a great job and that their students were definitely seeing what it is the professor wanted them to see,” said Laroche, a sophomore marketing major.

“I think that awards such as this one give professors the encouragement they need to know their students are receptive to everything that they’re doing inside and outside the classroom.”

One of the award recipients, Dr. Richard Enos of the AddRan College of Liberal Arts, said he was shocked and grateful after being chosen “Best English Professor.”

“I was coming out of a class I was teaching and I saw one of my former students with this tray of muffins,” Enos said. “I had no idea what the muffins were about. Then she told me I was voted best English professor of the year, and I don’t even remember what I said. I probably just stared at her for a minute.”

“This just means the world to me. Especially when it comes from the students because they don’t have to do anything, so when they take initiative to do that it really is a wonderful thing.”

Alpha Chi Omega’s president and junior journalism and writing double major, Ashley Madonna, was one of the members to nominate Enos for best professor in the AddRan College of Liberal Arts. Madonna took one of Enos’ writing classes in the fall semester.

“He really wants people to get a lot out of the class and gives a lot to the position so it’s hard not to put your best foot forward,” Madonna said. “I thought a lot of times, ‘I really could do another draft of this paper,’ or ‘I really could look at my thesis again.’”

“He really was a professor I wanted to submit my best work for.”

Laroche said she is hopeful to continue Muffin Monday and give professors the recognition they deserve.

In addition to Enos, the following professors were recognized:

Dr. Adam Richards, Bob Schieffer College of Communication

Dr. Matt Switzer, College of Education

Dr. Ken Davis, College of Fine Arts

Dr. Dennis J. Cheek, Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Dr. Juan Carlos Sola-Corbacho, John V. Roach Honors College

Dr. Gregory Stephens, Neeley School of Business

Dr. Anne VanBeber, College of Science and Engineering.