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Spring semester records higher number or crimes


Students are packing, the heat is rising and the crime data for the semester is in.

The data, gathered from the January 12 to May 5, shows there were a total of 268 crimes recorded this semester across 28 different offenses.

When comparing the last four semesters, from fall 2013 to spring 2015, this semester has the highest number of recorded crimes. The second highest was fall 2014 with 208 recorded crimes, and the lowest was spring 2014 with 159 recorded crimes.

The following charts show the total number of crimes across five main categories, which are then broken down into each offense.

The first chart shows that out of all 268 recorded crimes, alcohol-related offenses came in first with 127 recorded crimes. Of those crimes, the two highest individual offenses included minors in possession with 74 recorded counts and public intoxication with 52. The third largest individual offense was criminal mischief with 35 citations.

The following chart breaks the semester up by a monthly count.

The largest number of recorded offenses occurred in February with 74 and the second largest was in April with 71.

“The reason the log has more recorded crime is because this year we had to include both crime on campus and the area around it,” TCU Police Department Sergeant Kelly Ham said. ”Though we did notice an increase in the crime on campus itself and are currently looking into it.”

Ham said TCU police is also looking into steps to take for next semester.

“We’ve recently hired a new detective, so we are now able to spend more time looking into individual crimes and solving them,” Ham said. “This is definitely a trend we hope to continue moving forward.”

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