Fort Worth Carnival Food Store and Fiesta Mart celebrate being named Blue Zones Project Approved Grocery Stores

By TCU 360

Two grocery stores in Fort Worth are being recognized for providing healthier options and promoting sustainable lifestyles.
On Friday, Carnival Food Store, 102 NW 28th Street, and Fiesta Mart, 2700 Eighth Ave. celebrated being named Blue Zones Project Approved grocery stores by hosting community festivities.
The celebrations included music, food, and family-centered activities with various prizes.
Among those in attendance, were Fort Worth City Council Member, Sal Espino and Mayor Betsy Price to promote the event.
“The city is involved” said Espino. “We want to get the word out that everyone can make the healthy choice, the easy choice.”
According to the program’s website, the Blue Zone Project is a community-wide well-being improvement initiative designed to make sustainable improvements to the environments where we live, work, play, and learn. The project encourages changes to the community that lead to healthier options.
Don Bersterman, director of operations for Fiesta Mart and Carnival, said there is a focus on the Hispanic community in his stores.
“As our partnership with Blue Zone Project begins with these two locations, our ongoing efforts to serve and enhance the well-being of the Hispanic community continue” Bersterman said.
According to Bersterman, the stores have implemented many changes to encourage healthy eating habits such as fresh fruits along check out lanes and arrows throughout the store to help navigate toward produce.
“Throughout the store you will see the arrows” said Bersterman. “Wherever your at you’ll find directions to produce.”
Fort Worth is currently a Blue Zone Project Demonstration Site, according to their website. Over the next four years, the city will be implementing environmental changes in six key areas including worksites, schools, grocery stores, restaurants, individuals, and community policy.
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