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Children’s Closet at University Christian Church to donate uniforms

Parish members at the University Christian Church (UCC) are collecting uniforms for students in Fort Worth ISD for its Back-to-School Bag It Night tonight at six.

The event will provide 32 schools in the district with 50-100 uniforms each according organization’s website. A uniform consists of one pair of khakis or jeans, one blue or white collared shirt, one pair of socks and one pair of underwear.

Gerry Houk, the Children’s Closet operations manager, said Counselors from the 32 selected schools place orders online through the Children’s Closet website and then pick them up at the Back-to-School Bag It Night.

“We never get to see the children but when we go present to counselors we usually get sanding ovations,” she said. “The counselors really appreciate what we’re doing.”

Houk said Volunteers from the church gather at UCC Bag It Night to help organize the orders for pick up. The event usually draws in around 200 volunteers.

The Children’s Closet is funded by donations from members of the UCC and works year round to provide uniforms and play clothes to children who need them, Houk said.

In addition to the uniforms, the counselors also receive a gift basket filled with school supplies to be used in the classroom, according to the website.

Susan Brown, a member of UCC, said she and her two kids have volunteered at the event in the past.

“I love that my children can get involved and volunteer at this event. It is an amazing thing that they can help give back to their community and help other children,” Brown said.

Opportunities to get involved with the Children’s Closet and the Back-to-School Bag It Night are open to the public and can be arranged through the Children’s Closet’s website.

“We’re really doing this from the heart.” said Houk.

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