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Students react to Campus Carry

TCU students listen intently to the campus carry debate hosted at the Brown-Lupton University Union on Thursday, Sept. 10.

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TCU students discussed what they heard during the campus carry debate on Thursday afternoon in the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom.

The debate team addressed campus carry with two nine-minute speeches in support of the law, and two against it.

Many of the students offered their opinions about the new Texas law.

Psychology and religion major Kelcie Willis said that she is a pacifist and is not in favor of campus carry. She came to the debate because she is generally interested in gun control.

“I think that violence perpetuates violence and I think that the argument for protection is based on so many assumptions that they will be able to use the gun correctly that it’s not worth even just one risk,” Willis said.

Accounting and finance major Shane Brundy saw it differently, and said that “if people went through the training to get their CHL license, they have the necessary requirements to have a gun on campus and they know how to use that gun.”

“Plus, it should be a right that every student should have,” Brady said.

Many in favor of campus carry said that guns on campus would actually make them feel safer.

“I feel more secure with law-abiding citizens having campus carry rather than zero people having guns and giving the unlawful citizens the knowledge that no one on campus is going to oppose them,” said writing and communication studies major Michael Lostritto.

Many that oppose campus carry said that when it comes to safety, they do not see the need for guns on campus.

Criminal justice major Sadie Scottmartinson said, “I’m all for self defense, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a bunch of college kids on campus with guns.”

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