The Live Oak: A music destination in Fort Worth

By Madison McCorkle

Fort Worth has long been known as cowtown, but its arts and music scene is quickly developing to balance the inherent cowboy culture, especially along the Magnolia corridor. Live Oak Music Hall and Lounge is one of many destinations where people can go eat, drink, and enjoy new performers coming to town.
The Live Oak hosts musical talent every night of the week, according to their website. The event calendar shows a variety of artists from all types of music backgrounds.
Brooks Kendall, the talent buyer at Live Oak, who started back in August of 2014, fills the schedule with artists that satisfy could fans of every genre.
“The music here is really eclectic,” said Kendall. “In the music hall, which is our main show room, we really try to focus on listening-oriented shows.”
Kendall said The Live Oak sets itself apart due to the fact that it is one of few places that has a true listening room. Tickets to the music hall performances can be purchased online.
In addition to the music hall shows take place in the lounge, patio and rooftop as well.
Alexandra Vavoulis a customer of The Live Oak said the roof top music performances are her favorite.
“Being able to be outside with the lights and have great music in the background is perfect,” Vavoulis said.
Daniel Pinedo, a bartender at The Live Oak said the lounge’s variety of performances is also something that drives people to the shows from all over the city.
“The clientele is always different because we have all types of shows,” said Pinedo. “People come in from all different parts of town and even from other states.”
The Live Oak website provides a month-to-month schedule of artists and performances including open recording nights every Monday that are open to the public.