Local business offers customers their own 'personal delivery assistant'

By Dusty Baker

For Fort Worth residents struggling to pick up everything for the day, you may have a little help.
A new local business called Favor is offering a service that delivers anything ordered by customers in the designated delivery zones.
The Fort Worth Community Manager for Favor, Elizabeth Eshelman, said the current delivery zone in Fort Worth includes downtown, the cultural district, Westover Hills and several other surrounding areas.
Favor’s order and payment system is processed through the company’s application, Eshelman said.
“The delivery fee is five dollars,” Eshelman said. “It is five percent of the cost of the item if we have to purchase anything and tip for the driver.”
The deliveries are completed by runners, who travel using their own vehicles, said Favor runner and mentor Paul Williams.
“The runner is your personal delivery assistant, so that is who you actually work with when you place a Favor,” Williams said.
Favor immediately communicates with the customer in order to place the correct order, Williams said.
Favor’s headquarters is located in Austin which launched two years ago. The business has expanded to multiple cities in Texas and throughout the country.
While the service has just started, Eshelman said that Favor already plans to expand its regional boundaries in Fort Worth.
Williams said, “We want to be their for our customers, and make sure they enjoy Favor.”