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Newly renovated library opens with celebration

TCU School of Journalism
The east entrance is not yet open to outside but can be access through the sky bridges or through the west entrance.
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  • Until the east entrance is open, students can access the renovation portion of the library through either the sky bridges connecting to Rees-Jones Hall or through the west entrance facing University Drive.

  • The newly renovated east entrance to Mary Couts Burnett Library.

  • The new Bistro Burnett in the renovated portion of the library.

  • A group walks from the old part of the library into the new.

  • Students responded positively to the 16,000 square feet of renovated space.

  • The east entrance is not yet open to outside but can be access through the sky bridges or through the west entrance.

  • Students study in one of the larger open areas in the renovated portion of the library.

  • The library also has a screening room with a flat-screen television.

  • The library now features many study rooms open to all students, while smaller pods are available for reservation.

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The Mary Couts Burnett Library opened its new wing Thursday with 16,000 square feet of newly renovated space inside.

Students and faculty enjoyed the grand opening of the new wing of the library, and the celebration was complete with Superfrog, cheerleaders, cupcakes, balloons, and the chance to explore every new aspect of the library.

“It’s very important to me that the library is celebrated because I feel that it’s a contributor very much to academic success on campus,” said June Koelker, dean of the library.

The library showed off plenty of new amenities, including:

*3D printing lab

* New study rooms and spaces

*Technology sandbox

* GIGA lab for multimedia editing stations

* New expanded Bistro Burnett

* Private graduate student study spaces

* Purple wave cave underneath the stairs

* Screening room with a flat-screen television

Students said they were amazed with the transformation and said there were many more places to study.

“I’m really excited for the new study spaces,” said sophomore nursing major Kiana Powell. “Everything looks so cool, and I can’t wait to have more space in the library.”

Sam Baxter, a junior supply chain management major, said he thinks the study rooms are a great way to collaborate with groups and get work done.

Students said the new café was impressive as well.

“I love it, there’s so many places to study, and I think the new café is super convenient and has really good food,” said Tessa Redmond, a sophomore business major.

Overall, student reaction was very positive and students couldn’t wait to start spending time in the new wing.

“I can’t wait to see how the students utilize everything,” said Tommy Miller, a first-year pre-business major. “It’s an amazing facility, and it’s going to be greatly handled.”

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