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Students explore new library with excitement

The library opened last Thursday and was met with very great reactions.

Students reacted to the new wing of the library with awe and excitement as they explored the new amenities for the first time last Thursday.

The Mary Couts Burnett Library added 16,000 square feet of newly renovated space for students and faculty, and the grand opening celebration included free food, cheerleaders, SuperFrog and the chance to explore all the new features of the library.

“It’s very nice,” said sophomore criminal justice major David Goodman. “I’m impressed with all the renovations and I can’t wait to study here. I’m really excited to get work done in here.”

“It is a phenomenal facility and I look forward to putting many hours in here,” said John Paul Watson, a junior entrepreneurial management major.

Students said the old library was crowded and they needed more space.

“I can’t wait to see all the new study spaces,” said sophomore nursing major Kiana Powell. “It’s normally always crowded, and I know that it’s going to be really cool now.”

The new Bistro Burnett also impressed students.

“I love the cafe, and it’s super convenient,” said Tessa Redmond, a sophomore business major. “The food is also really good.”

The library’s new amenities include a GIGA lab for multimedia editing, a Lizard Lounge area for students to relax, new study spaces and private study rooms, the Sandbox for students to test out new software, 3D printers, a purple cave for extra seating and more.

The celebration brought in hundreds of students and faculty, and the reaction was mostly positive.

“I’m very pleased with the student interest in the new part of the building,” said June Koelker, the dean of the library. “It’s very important for me that the library is celebrated because it’s a contributor very much to academic success.”


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