Student Development hosts annual organizations fair


People gathered in the BLUU Auditorium to learn about and join student led organizations on campus.

Student Development Services put on its annual spring Student Organizations Fair Thursday in the Brown-Lupton University Union auditorium.

SDS Director Ebony Rose said there were at least 60 student organizations represented at the fair.

Rose said the event caters mainly to freshmen and transfer students who are looking to find their fits at TCU, but the fair is open to any student.

Freshman Rihanna Whitley said the fair was a way for her to “get involved and meet new people.”

TCU Wesley Center's booth at TCU's Spring Student Organization Fair
TCU Wesley Center’s booth at TCU’s Spring Student Organization Fair

Sidney Dennis, TCU Wesley leadership team president, said she saw a lot of transfer students at the fair. She said it could be because some students do not know that they can still get involved.

“I haven’t seen a lot of people who have been to campus that are wanting to get involved,” Dennis said. “It’s mainly brand new people coming to campus.”

Many organizations said student attendance at the fair was mediocre, but most organizations have gained new members.

Some organizations found creative ways to pull students’ attention as they walked by.

“We were doing cartwheels, we were dancing,” Frog Camp facilitator Makenna Morris said. “The trick, honestly, is we were just yelling at people as they walked by.”

The Frog Camp booth was a notable favorite, which Morris said they were hoping for when they set the fair up.

“We really wanted to broaden our applicants to all kinds of people to make the staff more resemble TCU,” Morris said.

Organizations from the fair are accepting new members throughout the rest of the semester.

The Student Organizations Fair is held twice a year: in the spring and in the summer before the fall semester starts.

There are more than 170 student organizations to choose from on campus. For a full list, visit