Fourth medical school dean candidate emphasizes diversity, college integration


Dr. Anne Mosenthal speaks about her plans for the new medical school. Mosenthal is the last of four dean candidates to speak at TCU.

The fourth dean candidate for TCU’s new medical school said she wants to place an emphasis on diversity and integrate other colleges on campus in the education of medical students.

Dr. Anne Mosenthal, speaking at an open forum on Friday, said her idea to use colleges such as the Neeley School of Business would help provide students with skills they would not receive from a traditional medical school.

“I’m very interested in the leadership and executive MBA programs that are going on at the Neeley School of Business,” Mosenthal said. “I think there’s opportunity for students to learn about other areas that are relevant to healthcare administration.”

To encourage diversity in the classroom, Mosenthal proposed a scholarship for all entering students.

“I think there should be a commitment to socio-economic diversity,” Mosenthal said. “I think that is a way to attract a diverse group of students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend.”

Susan Weeks, dean of the Harris College of Nursing and Health Science, said Mosenthal’s strong commitment to diversity is what made her stand out during the selection process.

Mosenthal is currently the chair of the Department of Surgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School where she is a tenured professor of surgery.

She received her Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and completed her medical training at Dartmouth College. She finished her residency training at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Mosenthal is the last of four candidates to speak in an open forum for the deanship of TCU’s new medical school.  Dr. Marc Khan spoke on Thursday about his plan to focus on clinic curriculum and Dr. Saul Weiner discussed his goal to contextualize care on Wednesday.  Last week, Dr. Stuart Flynn explained his idea for a competency-driven course.

A date for the selection of the dean has not been released.