Students share cultural perspectives with poetry


International Christian Fellowship holds a weekly meeting called “Unplugged.”

When he was in the sixth grade, India native Aakash Tyagi dreamed of writing poetry and sharing it with an audience.

Almost 10 years later as a senior at TCU, Tyagi was a guest speaker for TCU’s International Christian Fellowship chapter and read his poems to a diverse group of both international and American students involved in the organization.

ICF held its weekly “Unplugged” event Friday at the Tom Brown/Pete Wright apartments, where students took the time to increase understanding and sensitivity between different cultures, nationalities and religions.

As an international organization with a presence on many campuses, ICF is a non-profit Christian group that serves international students and help them acclimate to life in the U.S.

The organization offers guidance socially and spiritually through holiday parties, church ventures and weekly meetings such as “Unplugged.”

Tyagi’s poetry portrayed his account of leaving home for college and being in a new country.

Tyagi said he produces his best writing after he has experienced or learned about something new.

“Things I experience here are completely different from back in India,” Tyagi said. “Almost every day, there’s something new I learn, and I’ve been here for four years now. Writing about it has really helped me contextualize meaning for those experiences.”

ICF President Anh Sylvia Nguyen said the organization is unlike any other on campus.

“ICF is so special,” Nguyen said. “The kind of interactions I’ve had are interactions I could not have anywhere else. Through past discussions of faith and ideas, this group has really allowed me to be my true and curious self.”

Lily Wu, the TCU advisor for ICF, said the organization’s values of promoting service, spirituality and social opportunities for students are always in play, regardless of any specific event.

“I’ve met so many students from different countries, and it’s been amazing watching them form friendships,” Wu said. “Gaining a global perspective is such a unique experience, and I love helping these individuals.”

ICF is open to all TCU students. To get involved, visit the ICF website.