Sigma Nu to be officially chartered in April


TCUs chapter of Sigma Nu became the fastest chapter to become chartered in SIgma Nu’s history.

Sigma Nu’s waiting period ended after the chapter received a message approving the organization’s charter on the TCU campus.

The fraternity received a message on Feb. 3 that approved its petition to be re-chartered.

“The high council reviewed the petition and status of the Lambda Epsilon colony tonight, and they have enthusiastically approved the petition and confirmed the Lambda Epsilon colony as they have completed the requirements,” the message read.

After five months of recruiting members, becoming involved on campus and setting up its petition, the fraternity will be officially chartered on April 8, said Sigma Nu member Tommy Nelson.

TCU’s Sigma Nu chapter was the fastest chapter to be chartered in national Sigma Nu history, said Sigma Nu president Robert Leonard.

Sigma Nu is also the largest fraternity colonization chapter in TCU history.

“It’s exciting being part of something new that I was a part of building,” Nelson said.

Sigma Nu was welcomed onto the TCU campus as a colony chapter last spring.

The chapter had unofficially been a part of TCU in the past.

In 1987, a group of TCU men moved into one of the houses behind Mellow Mushroom and pioneered TCU’s first Sigma Nu chapter.

The fraternity was chartered by Sigma Nu national headquarters but was never officially recognized as an official IFC fraternity by TCU, said Mike Dilbeck, the TCU Sigma Nu chapter advisor.

The fraternity dissolved from the TCU campus in 2002.

Interfraternity Council President Diego Padilla said Sigma Nu was ranked No. 4 in grades last semester and has had a positive impact on campus.

“I am excited to see how this chapter progresses in the future,” he said.

Padilla said Sigma Nu will also have a house in the upcoming Greek village.

“Sigma Nu not only had to overcome obstacles to be considered an ‘excellent chapter’ by headquarters, but I think we have established a leadership role on the TCU campus,” said Sigma Nu member Tommy Nelson.