Rubio mocks Trump at Dallas rally

By Shelby Whitson

Crowd members laughed and cheered in Klyde Warren Park today as presidential hopeful Marco Rubio spoke.
The Dallas rally came the day after a Republican debate in Houston. Minutes after taking the stage, Rubio began speaking about rival Trump.
“What does Donald Trump do when things go wrong, he takes to twitter,” said Rubio. “I have them right here, let’s read some and have fun.”
Rubio then read Trump’s tweets and pointed out mistakes in spelling, including the misspelling of the words “choker” and “honor.” Trump later resent the tweets with the correct spelling.
Rubio further escalated the Trump feud by adding, “friends don’t let friends vote for con artists.”
The rally was scheduled to begin at 9 a.m., but Rubio did not take the stage until closer to 9:45 a.m.
The Florida Senator focused his speech on the importance of this election as it would “shape the future not only of the country… but of the conservative movement.”
He said the United States needs a “Reagan-style revolution” in order to make the 21st century a “new American century.”