Horses That Heal

By Sierra Tuthill

RIDE TV, which is the first and only 24-hour, high definition cable television network and website dedicated to equestrian lifestyle, joined with F2 media to create the documentary, Horses That Heal. The documentary premiered at the Movie Tavern West 7th Street this Sunday.
Horses That Heal started out as a one hour documentary series. The series focused on the story of people’s struggle and how they used horses as companions for psychotherapy. Equine therapy is helping people with disabilities all across the country.
This form of therapy extends beyond just people with disabilities. Veterans, police officers, firefighters and other servicemen who are suffering from PTSD are benefitting from equine therapy.
“When a person gets on a horse, they feel a sense of freedom and empowerment. They are no longer confined to their wheelchair, but instead have control over their horse,” said RIDE TV marketing coordinator Will Beeson.
The documentaries were very popular on the network, but RIDE TV president, Craig Morris, felt that the one-hour time slot was not enough to tell people’s stories.
“Doing a feature film gives a platform to dive a little deeper, tell the stories a little better and to actually weave the thread of everybody’s life of what they go through on a daily basis of trying to get better,” said Morris.
There are over 800 certified equine therapy centers across the country that are working to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.
Guests got the chance to learn how to lasso and interact with horses.
Guests got the chance to learn how to lasso and interact with horses.

“Every time I watch this film, I think of someone I know who is struggling with a disability or a disorder,” said Beeson. “However, most of the time these people do not know that equine therapy is an option to them.”
Before the screening, guests were welcome to a street fair. There was horses, live music, trick roping and activities. Horses That Heal is available for purchase on iTunes and DVD.