Iconic Fort Worth Beer Can House to be torn down

By Alex Gaffigan

Driving through the 2900 block of Whitmore Street, it’s hard to miss.
A home affectionately known by many as the “Fort Worth Beer Can House” has stood at the corner of Whitmore and Currie Street for more than 20 years.
The house aptly earned it’s nickname when homeowner Louis Torres decided to begin stringing his finished beer cans along the outside of his home.
Today, thousands of empty cans of Milwaukee’s Best Light and Miller Light decorate his home and have served as a source of entertainment and bewilderment for anyone lucky enough to drive by.
“I used to sell the empty cans, but one day I just had the idea to hang them outside, and it’s just kind of grown from there. It was just something for me to do,” said Torres.
Soon, the only place he’s ever called home will be demolished and become another empty lot like the countless ones surrounding his. Torres’s house is set for demolition at the beginning of April.
“They’re wanting to put up some condominiums over here. It’s all part of that Trinity River expansion project.” said Torres.
Since 1943, Luis Torres has lived at 2901 Whitmore Street. He grew up in the Linwood neighborhood, and raised his family in his same childhood home.
Chris Stoker has worked at the Autobahn BMW dealership across the street from Torres’s home for 23 years. He said he’s looked out his window every day to catch a glimpse of the beer cans blowing in the wind. He came by to pick up a string of the cans before they’re gone forever.
“I’m glad he’s letting me take a few home as a souvenir of sorts. I’m going to hang these in my office,” Stoker said
Stoker, along with many others, said they are disappointed to Torres go. His house is set for demolition at the beginning of April.
“I had just gotten used to seeing the house, it’s a piece of Fort Worth Art,” Stoker said. “I’m really sad to hear it’s gotta go.”
With the development of West 7th and the Fort Worth Cultural District, Torres’s home is prime real estate for the city and developers.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.38.14 AM
Cans can be seen hanging from the Fort Worth Beer Can House from Google Earth.

“They had been asking me to sell for years now. Eventually, I just didn’t have much of a choice and they forced me out. It was just time for me to go.” said Torres.
Torres will move to the River Oaks neighborhood, and although he says his new house is nice, he’s going to miss his house on Whitmore.
“I got a pretty good deal on my new house, but this here is my home. Nothing else ever really will be,” said Torres.
Despite leaving his beer can masterpiece behind, Torres has plans to continue putting up beer cans at his new residence.
“Stay tuned for Beer Can House 2.0,” he said. “It will definitely be back.”