Anjelah Johnson returns to TCU


Anjelah Johnson returned to TCU on Sept. 2, 2016. (Sam Bruton / TCU360)

By Laura Belpedio

TheEnd brought comedian Anjelah Johnson to campus on Friday. (Sam Bruton / TCU360)
TheEnd brought comedian Anjelah Johnson to campus on Friday. (Sam Bruton / TCU360)

The first major event of the semester hosted by theEnd brought out hundreds of students Friday evening.

Comedian Anjelah Johnson had the crowd laughing for almost two hours as she performed her standup routine and rap songs from her album.

She even had the crowd involved when she poked fun at a student for sneaking her parents in.

“I see you back there, don’t think I don’t know you snuck them in,” Johnson said.

There wasn’t an empty seat in the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom.

Students of all years were excited to see Johnson live.

“I got to see her my freshman year and I can’t believe I get to see her again,” Melissa Moreira, a junior education major, said. “I’ve followed her for a long time and I’m a huge fan.”

Other students, like sophomore business major Tristian Brooks, were just there for a good laugh after the long week.

“I am pumped,” Brooks said. “I’m ready to laugh my butt off after these long weeks.”

Johnson, who rose to stardom with her popular standup and sketches on MADtv, is currently on her countrywide comedy tour. The comedian can best be identified by her famous roles that include her rude restaurant employee “Bon Qui Qui” and her Vietnamese nail salon employee, Tammy.

Johnson performed at TCU two years ago, but this year she had a fresh routine. She began the show with her standup set that included the struggles of marriage, why moms know everything and the fear of buying your first home.

The comedian kept the crowd entertained with her standup, but she saved her best for last.

“I can’t leave y’all without talking about my girl Bon Qui Qui,” Johnson said. “I don’t know what’s happening with my own career but Bon Qui Qui is killing it right now.”

Johnson ended her performance by playing samples from her album “Gold Plated Dreams” and performing her highly anticipated Vietnamese nail salon act.

Lastly, she left the crowd with a piece of advice.

“Don’t listen to the wrong people,” Johnson said. “I started listening to negative people who were criticizing what I was doing, but I soon realized who I was doing this for, my fans.”