Study Abroad holds kickoff fair for 2017 summer programs


Students at the Study Abroad fair (Photo courtesy – Brandon Kitchin

By Brandon Kitchin

The TCU Center for International Studies had their study abroad fair in the Campus Commons on Wednesday.

There were about 20 tables with representatives from programs that span across the globe. TCU Study Abroad offers study abroad programs for year-long, semester and summer programs. Programs and travel opportunities include Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East.

“The application phase just opened up, so a lot of the tables that are here are representing different summer programs that are led by TCU faculty from all different departments and colleges across the university,” said Jessica Severson, study abroad coordinator.

Students hoping to study abroad in the summer need to start planning now.

The first application deadline for summer 2017 is Oct. 20, for early admission; regular admission is Dec. 1. Everything has to be in by Jan. 20 when late admission closes.

“About 40 percent of TCU students will study abroad while they’re an undergrad,” Severson said. “We’d like to see it higher, we’d like to see 100 percent.”

Most of the programs are general, not major-specific, and they offer a wide range of courses. Summer programs can be more specific since students only take one or two classes, but most summer programs are open to all majors.

There are currently 19 summer program opportunities for 2017.

The Study Abroad fair in the Campus Commons (Photo courtesy - Brandon Kitchin)
The Study Abroad fair in the Campus Commons (Photo courtesy – Brandon Kitchin)

Scholarships are also available to students to help make study abroad affordable.

The application for scholarships is separate from the general application process, and the deadlines for scholarships come much sooner than the application deadlines.

TCU typically sends 1,200 – 1,300 students abroad each year, Severson said. “TCU study abroad is in 54 countries and over 350 programs, so there’s lots of options year round.”

The study abroad office is located in Reed 214. Students can visit there to start the program and scholarship applications or they can choose to start the applications online at