Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth presents “KAWS: WHERE THE END STARTS”

By Andrew Van

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth has a temporary exhibition featuring 20-years of artwork by a Brooklyn-based artist, KAWS.
Brian Donnelly, known as KAWS, started as a graffiti artist before he moved into commercial projects and the fine arts.
KAWS said his art is heavily based on imagery and emotion. He also said he gravitates his art towards whatever interests him.
His artwork is now placed all throughout the first floor of the museum. There are over 100 pieces of work, ranging from paintings to sculptures and drawings. The pieces vary in size.

KURFS (PAPA) (2007) – Photo by Sarah Persson

An art curator for the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Andrea Karnes, said KAWS does a good job taking inspiration from pop culture while placing his own twist on the work.
“There is something about the cartoon aspect that makes it universally understood,” she said.
Karnes is the main curator for the KAWS exhibition. She said this isn’t the first time she has worked with the artist.
“I worked with KAWS before once on a small scale project in 2011 and then again in 2013,” said Karnes. “I wanted the chance to work with him again on a grander scale.”
She said the preparation for the exhibition has been going on for over two years.
“I’ve gone to his studio in New York many times over the past two and a half years,” she said. “And then he’s come here several times over the past two and a half years as well, so we can walk through the space and talk about what might go where.”
She also said she hopes all visitors will be interested in the exhibit.
“For people who don’t know who KAWS is yet or is unfamiliar with who KAWS is, I hope this will be an experience that draws them in and they want to know more,” she said.
KAWS said he hopes individuals take in what they want from his exhibition.
The exhibit will be opened until Jan. 22, 2017. The museum is open every day except Monday.
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