SGA holds Outreach Day to interact with students


SGA President Maddie Reddick and House Rep. Blake Tilley discuss the seriousness of the campus carry issue with House members.

By Cole Polley

Last week, Student Government Association held an Outreach Day with the purpose of going out and talking to TCU students about improvements that can be made on campus.

On Outreach Day, which was started last year, SGA members meet at their normal time and then spread out to different parts of campus to talk to students before reconvening to discuss the results.

“Ultimately what we want to do is make students’ lives better,” Student Body Vice President of Operations Kat Klein said. “Outreach Day is a way we can get out there and interface with the students and come up with the things that need to be worked on.”

Klein also noted that she thought the operation was much more successful this year than last.

“It went well last year and everyone enjoyed it but I think it improved tenfold this time,” Klein said. “We had great feedback…so I think we have a lot of good things to work off of.”

Some of the feedback mentioned in the House of Representatives meeting included students who were concerned about tuition, SGA elections and diversity on campus.

“We’re here for our constituents, they’re the ones who put us in this position in the first place,” Chaplain Laredo Loyd said. “It’s amazing to get so many ideas in one 45 minute span, and as soon as you get an idea it creates discussion.”

In addition to the discussion concerning Outreach Day that was held in Tuesday’s meeting time, there is more discussion slated for this week’s agenda, in which representatives will get a chance to put the ideas they gathered into action.

For more information on Outreach Day, other upcoming events on campus and anything else that is going on with SGA, visit the SGA website.