Chief inclusion officer shares ways to incorporate diversity


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Turner and Chair Jesus Castro-Balbi at a Faculty Senate meeting Thursday.

By Nia Brookins

The newly-appointed chief inclusion officer talked diversity in the faculty senate’s meeting Thursday.

Dr. Darron Turner, who was recently appointed to the position in response to student demands, shared his vision with the faculty senate, as well as his current plan for diversity matters at TCU. He explained exactly what his job is.

“Eleven days since this position was announced, I’ve gotten many calls and emails basically asking, ‘So what are you going to do?’” Turner said.

Turner added that his job is different than his prior position as vice chancellor of student affairs. As chief inclusion officer, this position looks at diversity in a broader perspective rather than solely student-based.

“This [position] deals with recruitment and retention of faculty, students and all around how we make [TCU] a better institution,” Turner said.

Turner talking to Faculty Senators Thursday.
Turner talking to faculty senators Thursday (Nia Brookins/TCU 360).

Turner, who attended the  TCU Young Americans for Freedom’s Ben Shapiro event, received many questions from students asking about his reaction to the speaker. He said that the program went well and Shapiro gave his message.  

“If we can’t have dialogue about difficult issues here, where can we do that?” he said.

Turner added that the best place to have these conversations is at events and also in the classroom. Sociology instructor Keith Whitworth asked how TCU should go about engaging students in these difficult issues. In response, Turner said student affairs and student organizations should be hosting more events to create dialogue and inclusivity.

“Too many times people think, ‘It’s a program for black, white [or] latino students,’ and not ‘This is a program for my university,’” he said.

Turner ultimately stressed that his position shouldn’t be solely based on himself, saying everyone on campus should be active in diversity and inclusion.

“If diversity and inclusion become ‘Darron Turner,’ we’ve already lost,” Turner said. “We are helping students to know what it means to live in a diverse and inclusive society.”

Chair Jesus Castro-Balbi agreeing with Turner after he shared his ideas on diversity.
Chair Jesus Castro-Balbi agreed with Turner after he shared his ideas on diversity (Nia Brookins/TCU 360).

For more information on the faculty senate, visit its web page.