SGA hosts election watch party in the BLUU ballroom


SGA hold watch party for election. (Brandon Kitchin/TCU360)

By Saul Perez

Student Government Association hosted its election watch party in the the Brown-Lupton University Union ballroom Tuesday night.

It was a full house when students walked into a BLUU ballroom covered with red, white and blue colors. Many students dressed in business professional clothes and wore clothing accessories to show support for their candidate. Students were treated to catering from Chick-Fil-A and even got the chance to take a photo with props of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the photo booth.

Many students could be heard voicing their opinion on the election and what is most important to them.

Speaker of the House for SGA Ben Taylor said even with the way this election has gone, we can all agree that we all want the best for America.

“I think regardless of who you are, we can all agree that we’re trying to America the best place that we can,” Taylor said. “No matter who you vote for, you should go out and vote and lend your voice to the political process. I’m proud that I did that and I’m proud that people here are doing that and kind of taking part in their civic engagement and coming out and being a community.”

Margaux Brink, an early childhood development major, said that this election is much different than anything she’s experienced.

“It’s kind of scary,” Brink said. “Since I’ve been alive there has never been an election like this that has been this close. It’s really cool but it’s also really nerve wrecking.”

Haley Malloy, an early childhood development major, said that she thinks education is a very important aspect of this election and how history will remember it.

“It is very important no matter what candidate wins that education is one of our focal points for the country,” Malloy said. “Being a future educator, it’s been cool to see that some of this history and some of the stuff that has happened through out the campaign and what will happen tonight is going to be in the textbooks that I teach my kids. This is definitely an event in history that is going to change the way education is and how it is taught in the future.”

Now we all wait to see what candidate gets to 270 electoral votes first.