Virtual Tour: Fort Worth murals and where to find them

By Sam Bruton

Fort Worth’s street art scene is growing more and more colorful as the paint spreads west from Dallas’ Deep Ellum, the mural hub of Texas.
Street art is considered its own genre with non-traditional venues. Modern street murals are rooted in graffiti works of New York City in the 1960s and 1970s. Originally, the motivation behind street art was the “anti-museum mentality” that believed art should be sold for its viewing.
Each artist has his or her own individual style that allows visual communication with a large public audience. Art communities are growing out of large growing out of large cities and finding blank canvases in various areas.
Some murals make statements of politics, economics, or race; others make the perfect backdrop for an Instagram photoshoot.
Explore the map below to take a virtual tour of Fort Worth’s murals.